“Figure out how to surrender the me to the we because it’s we, all of us, that matter, not just him.” —Kim Stentinello, from Chicago
 “This pussy bites.” —Kate Rice, Chicago
 “A lot of my friends who voted for [Trump] say give him a chance. Well, I’m trying. Try! I want him to try. Just give us some frickin’ effort.” —Anne MacDonald, Greenville, Ohio
 “My message would be please find compassion. Recognize that all Americans are diverse and we’re all immigrants, we’re all of different races, different origins, different religions. We all want similar goals: healthy, happy lives.” —Sabah, California
 “I have a message for Mr. Trump: Please read the Constitution. All of it. Not just the amendments you like.” —Kerry Simpson, Chicago
 “Be open to listening to others who you feel may not agree with what you have to say. It’s when we come together and work together that great things can happen in this country. If we shut ourselves down, nothing good will come from that.” —Sister Dietrich, Baltimore house of the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence
 “We can’t just sit there while Trump makes dumb laws about dumb stuff.” —Micah, D.C.
 “Think about the people, everybody, every single one of them. And fear God in all of your decisions.” —Yusra, New Jersey
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